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Members and potential new members;

We are now seeking the calendar year 2020 dues. Even if you do not get to any of our six scheduled meetings and possibly up to four extra unannounced as of yet extra meetings, your support is really needed by the club. The benefits are many...Paid up 2020 members will receive an enhanced newsletter at least Six times a year with a roster of current members.

This club serves you in many ways as the contacts it affords and the friendships found here can be invaluable. When you need help with any facet of the toy soldier collecting and modeling hobby the club is there to lend assistance. we have done so numerous times in the past for many members and are proud of our helpful record. The relationships garnered, the information exchange, forum and the advantages of membership have been well demonstrated in the past. We only plan to enhance and enlarge upon our past 23 years of steady growth. YOU are needed to continue this process. Your dues ensure that we can continue to function as a viable and healthy organization bound together in the spirit of this unique hobby. Your payment of $15.00 annual dues (reduced from $30.00) is returned to you in many forms during the year, making it one of the best returns on investment available.

Please send your 2020 calendar year dues to our treasurer soon in order to start enjoying the benefits of membership . . .


c/o Mike Skurda
6020 N.W. 44th Way
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

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